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Marshall Helps

"Helping, Church-related Resources for Marshall-Harrison County"

National Day of Prayer

The National Day of Prayer is Thursday, May 2nd. The Ministerial Alliance has reserved Telegraph Park for a noon gathering. It will end by 12:45.

We are looking for people in your congregation to lead the segments of prayer. These segments are:

The Government (local, state, and national)

Education (secondary)

Education (collegiate)


Health and health care

The poor (and related issues)

The Church (repentance, revival, unity)

Would you please recommend someone from your congregation to lead in one of these segments of prayer. We are asking for about five minutes per segment. They may choose to read Scripture to set the tone for the prayer, but we want mainly to pray.

Please "respond all" with the name of someone to lead a segment so that we will all know which segments are filled.

Thank you so much for your Spirit-led consideration as we prepare to honor the Lord through this prayer event!

Grace and Peace,

Ryan Berryhill and

Mary Kathryn Kirkpatrick